How Snapchat is slowly becoming its own news outlet

It’s New York Fashion Week! Designers from around the world have gathered in NYC, one of the fashion capitals of the world. There have been multiple photo stories published today. Although New York Fashion Week ends tomorrow, the stories continue to come in on what will be in for 2015.

            As news becomes more and more accessible, the media in which is presented is changing. There are videos, photos, stories, and social media revolving around NYFW. What I’ve noticed is Snapchat, is starting to integrate news into this entertainment app. The whole point of Snapchat is to be able to send a photo to be shown to the recipient anywhere from one to 10 seconds. After they see it, it’s gone forever. Facebook recently bought out Snapchat and now has a story section, which features video or photos in a streaming form. This week they’ve had a ‘snap story’ on the weather in New England, Mardi Gras, and now NYFW.

The compilation of photos and videos make up about 3 minutes of footage on the app. I’m interested in fashion so I’ve been keeping up with the online publications as well as the app. The stories online are all official photos taken by hired photographers for these designers and companies. The cool thing about Snapchat is that anyone can submit a snap to be posted into this story. So NYFW shows the behind the scenes from models and designer who are actually in the show. It also gives some background on how the show really works.

It was cool to see all of this, especially since the models took the videos. For us readers, it makes us feel personally connected to the models and designers because they are on our phone and we can see them. You can also interact with them by sending them Snapchat back. I think this type of media will overtake traditional stories because readers are getting bored. It’s also a better way to interact with your audience in my opinion.