How Design Changed Me…

When I first started to do marketing for the company I work for now, I was very ‘by the books’. It took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to put out there for the world to see. The more I see the different types of cliental from this area, the easier it is. The way people view design is that it’s a waste of time or too expensive to care about.

            What I’ve learned is that the process of creating a piece of furniture or even an accessory takes numerous hours of hard work. First, you’re inspired by something you see in everyday life and you start seeing this inspiration everywhere. You want to create it for everyone to see so you start drawing up your ideas. Even if it doesn’t sell right away, you want it to show exactly what you were feeling, thinking, or seeing when you came across your inspiration.

Throughout these 6 months I’ve been working, I have learned so much. Furniture isn’t just furniture: it’s art. Not the museum art we think of, but it’s still a collection that a designer or artist created using every day inspirations. We take these pieces and integrate them into our lives and it becomes a masterpiece. I look at things differently now. Architecture, furniture, and clothing all inspire each other and this is how the world goes on. We see all these things as being different but in reality, they’re all the same- related to each other in the smallest ways.